Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another useless bits of me list

1.  I love, love, love lists.  All kinds of lists.  I'm totally list-y.  I could make lists about the reasons I love making lists.  For real.
2.  I apparently like to talk about myself.   A fair bit, and wonder sometimes if this makes me a narcissist.
3.  I have an addiction to dress and shoe porn.  No.  Not porn which kink-ily involves dresses and shoes.  Window shopping for shoes and dresses online.  Someday, I'll have an income and upgrade to an actual dress and shoe shopping addiction.  For now,  just porn.  (After a particularly stressful day, I like to look at pretty things and imagine them on me, thus pretty-fying me.   Narcissism??)
4.  I wish someone would pay me to write.  Like, write all of the time.  Get better at writing.  (Any wealthy benefactors out there?  I've been told I'm reasonably cute...)
5.  I've been buying myself flowers lately.  It makes me quite happy.
6.  I like to make up words.  You already know this about me, probably, if you've been reading along from time to time.
7.  I don't actually think I'm very funny, but people laugh at stuff I say all of the time.  This could have multiple meanings, I fear.
8.  I want to feed my doctor many, many cookies.  She is far too thin.  She thinks I am far too fat.  She would like to take away my cookies, one surmises.
9.  I'm fiercely loyal.  You should want to get on my good side, if only for that reason.
10.  I miss the ocean.  Atlantic-side, not Pacific side.
11.  I can't stand being late.  I'm not too overly fond of other people being late, either.
12.  My new self-appointed life-task is living in the moment more.  I find this really fucking hard.
13.  I spend a phenomenal amount of time agonizing about things that come out of my mouth.  Sometimes, my brain and mouth have difficulty connecting.  I think, sometimes too, that I should just become pen-pals with people.  Writing = better than speaking.
14.  I have been surprised by my own bravery lately.
15.  My new favourite singer is Chris Pureka.  Soulful, super-hot, butchy girl with guitar.  (Nuff said!?)


  1. My favorite is the cookie comment. Love it. I am inspired and am now going to post a list of my own. I, too, am a list freak. I used to make lists for my ex all the time - um, before she was my ex - I would joke with her that I was her admin. In reality, though, it helped her get a lot of stuff done and now, without me... she is desperately disorganized. Heh... well, in my opinion. Maybe not in hers :)

  2. I've become more adept at making lists, happily, but this post is really about shoes. New Year's Eve we went out dancing (friends of mine from the U.K. came to stay with me for two weeks! it was incredible and loads of fun) - back to the shoes - I went strolling on the waterfront in Hfx with them Jan 2nd and saw these shoes.... well I have to go back and get them, they are singing to me as I write. They will be perfect for the next round of salsa!
    Meanwhile, keep your heart up and keep making lists!! And don't forget that the ocean misses you (Atlantic side)

    clare v