Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Airport woes

We're at the airport, Boy-o, Girlio and I. It's 7:16 a.m. And we've been here since 5:40, just under the wire for catching our 6:30 am flight. Apparently, this flight was not meant to be. The airport is a madhouse. People are sitting on top of people. Lineups are out the doors. And there is nowhere near enough staff checking people in. We finally make it to the kiosk (a three tantrum line, thanks to Girlio being up since 4 am), I am informed that we will make our flight but our luggage will not. (Who needs carseats anyways?). Through the course of the transaction, we are then told we won't make the flight either, because though we are already checked it, the line at security is simply too long for us to make it. She then books us on a 7 flight and gives us those tickets. Two minutes later, she tells us we won't make that one, either. We are now booked for the 8:30 am flight, with an extra connection. I have to pay them extra money for this luxury. We get the bags checked, schlep the carseats and find our way to security. Which has a special family line. With zero line-up. We get through security in under five minutes. We woulda made the first flight, with time to spare. Mmmmmhmmmmmm.

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  1. O M and Gee. You must be flying Air Canada. What a morning. Love those family security short cuts. May you be home soon.

  2. I've seen another way to deal with long lines at security. A security person walks down the line saying "who's got the flight to ... x... now boarding?" and drags those lucky folks out of the line, puts them in front of whomever is in line at a security site, and whisks them through. Very efficient, kind, and in the case of a parent travelling with small children, it would also be merciful! I recommend this strategy to your airport staff. Heartily.
    clare v

  3. Were you flying Air Canada? This sounds so Air Canadaish. Oy. What a start to the day.

  4. Shockingly, it was west jet. I vowed never ever to fly air canada after my last round of horror stories with the kiddies! But they redeemed themselves on the way home, thankfully!