Monday, November 7, 2011

Toopy and Binoo

I think I have already written some about how much I love the kids show Toopy and Binoo.  It is all kinds of weird, and full of gender non-specific fun.  Neither Toopy nor Binoo are gendered, and Toopy's voice is not immediately recognizable as male or female.  Toopy is known to rock the princess gear as easily as s/he rocks the knight in shining armour gear.  It's pretty cool.  But yesterday, while hanging with the smalls, we saw a particularly funny/interesting episode.

Toopy and Binoo, dressed as knights, go on a hunt for a scary wolf and fire breathing dragon, with a bunch of villagers (sheep) in tow.

They eventually find said wolf (dressed in a gown) and said fire-breathing dragon (also dressed to the nines and rocking' heels). Everyone is initially scared of the wolf and the dragon, moreover, the wolf and dragon are scared of each other.

Realizing people are scared, the wolf protests: "I'm not a scary wolf! I'm a PRINCESS!". To which the dragon says, "YOU'RE a princess? I'M a princess, too!"

Toopy, bless his/her chameleon heart, takes this all in stride.

But the villager/sheep can be seen in behind, whispering to each other: "So - is that a wolf or what?!"

Queerest kids show ever...


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  1. love this! i don't have cable, so i have never seen toopy & binoo, but it sounds like a fabulous show. wouldn't it be nice if on any given day we could each dress as we please - armour or gowns, stilettos or blundstones, or all of the above! - without regard to whether it fits someone else's idea of what is 'gender appropriate.' i especially love it when little construction workers rock polka dots & mascara. thanks for posting.

    1. Correction about Non-Gendered.
      I just watched an episode about eating cookies in their tree fort and Toopy kept calling Binoo a Him and saying He. Also Toopy's voice is that of a guy unless a girl has a weird lower male voice. So one could say that yes, they are both males. I know that Binoo is a stuffed animal but the point is that Toopy sees Binoo as a male figure. So yes, it does promote cross-dressing and homosexuality. Does nobody remember Ren & Stimpy, this cartoon follows the same line of humor and R&S's creator did turn out to be a homosexual. Is Dominique or other creators of Toopy and Binoo homosexuals? I've been researching and no results as of yet, if anyone finds out more info, please e-mail me at, thanks.

  2. LOL. I love kids' shows... and how kids take things in stride. On Halloween, we went to one of Big'un's friends' houses. The 7 year old boy answered the door in a dress, handing out the candy. Big'un looked at him, puzzled and asked, "Why are you dressed so weird?" The boy looked him in the eye, dropped candy into his bag and said, "Whaddya mean "weird"? I'm just wearing a dress!" Big'un blinked twice and replied, "Oh, ok." Meanwhile, his gay dad and I tried to keep from falling over in hysterical laughter.

  3. This show is promoting homosexuality to our children and could very easily be confusing them into thinking that they are also homosexual... the show should be banned!

  4. Hey there anonymous. I think, first of all, that you are confusing gender with sexuality. A cartoon showing gender ambiguity doesn't really say anything about sexuality (homo or otherwise) at all. And secondly, are you for real?

  5. I don't know that i would go so far as to say this show "promotes" anything BUT it is SO obviously written with a gay "slant" shall we say. References to "Queens" cross dressing, kissing frogs waiting for the hansom prince etc etc etc. I loath this show but for MANY reasons that have NOTHING to do with gender roles or opinions but I would have to agree.... (IMHO) this is the "gayest" kids show out there lol.