Saturday, November 5, 2011

Repost: Study on Lezzie Moms

Here's an article from the Globe and Mail about lesbian families and children's well-being.  Interesting, I suppose... though certainly a few problematic areas of the study, I felt.  (Why will no one challenge the perception that lack of male role familial models is across-the-board detrimental, for instance?  And in some ways the study/article challenge the hetero-nuclear family model, and in other ways it totally emphasizes it.  Anyhoo).  Have a read if you feel so inclined.

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  1. One reason I love my job is the conversations we have about what makes a family. My kids have all figured out that the people who take care of you are your family and that who they're married to (or not married to) is beside the point. (I get to help advance 'the gay agenda, don't ya know)

    One of 'my' kids has two moms. No one even blinks when they learn of it.

    And I can't see that it's been detrimental to him. Great kid.