Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Marie Claire Should Kiss My Fat Heiny

I'll mostly let the ignorance speak for itself, except to say that if I should ever have occasion to run into this woman, I will be sorely tempted to strip off all my clothes and totally mack out on my wife, so that she can be fully grossed out by my fat ass getting some action.

That this "article" made it past an editor (even in one that sports anorexic models on every second page) is beyond my comprehension.


  1. I personally hate those magzines and don't understand why women like them. They repeat the same old garbage and focus only on appearance.

    But I still can't understand how such trash gets out there--how the editor okayed it. I love the link and their response to it.

  2. Stacey - yup - Bitch Mag is awesome! My personal favourite, for sure :) Did you click on the link to the Marie Claire responses? They were also largely critical of the author, which gives me hope... Mama T

    p.s. posted as anonymous b/c for some unknown reason, blogger insists on signing me out constantly. Annoying.

  3. After hearing about this article throughout my online connections, I finally read it late last night. All I could do was shake my head at the abject stupidity. She even had the nerve to post an apology later, stating she never meant to offend anyone. WTF? How on EARTH could she have thought her words would NOT be offensive to any reasonable person?!?