Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fattie Kiss-In

Looks like I won't have to seek out fat-phobic Marie Claire writer Maura Kelly and make-out with my wifey in front of her anymore.  Why, you might ask?  Because a whole bunch of hot, bothered and pissed-off folks are gonna take care of it for me.   If you live in the NYC area, you might want to check out the deets below:

Organizers say:

Please spread the word!! BIG FAT KISS-IN, NYC! Tomorrow (Friday, October 29th) at 6pm in front of Hearst Tower – 300 W. 57th St. near 8th Ave., Manhattan, NY. Bring signs, your friends, lovers and family. Chaste kisses, cheek kisses, french kisses, any kisses! Come and show Marie Claire that it’s not OK to shame anyone out of their sexuality.

I say: now there's some fun activism :)


  1. Can I just stay home and have sex instead?

    I qualify, I mean I'm fat and all.. so is hubby.

    It's just that NY is a little too far to travel for a kiss.