Thursday, August 12, 2010

My kid takes his fashion quite seriously...

Okay- so it's bedtime.  L. and I are chilling with Boy-o in his bed post stories, and I am absent-mindedly rubbing Boy-o's head in an effort to jump-start the winding down process.  "No Mama - no rubbing please!" he tells me (and I know very well it is in an effort to keep the winding down process from being jump-started, smart little bugger that he is!).  So I tell him, "Oh, okay, but I always find that a headrub helps me fall asleep." And then bless his beautiful little child's heart, doesn't he start giving me a gentle headrub? 

It's such a sweet, caring gesture, and I'm overtaken by that mama-gushy feeling, so I look at him and say "You are so lovely!" 

To which he replies very seriously: "No, not in these pajamas...". 

Me: "Oh, you don't like your pajamas?" 

Boy-o (a wee bit wistful):  "No.  Green's not really my colour." 

To which I proceed to laugh so hard that I snort and nearly fall right out of the bed. 

Wind-up process, jump-started.

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