Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting all growed up

Boy-o is going to be starting school, pre-kindergarten, this September. 

And tomorrow, his teacher is coming to our home to do a home visit, meet Boy-o and let him get to know her a bit before the beginning of school.  I think this is the most amazing and wonderful idea - not only because it will allow Boy-o to feel more secure about his new beginning, but especially because it will make ME feel better about Boy-o's new beginning. 

Although I have approached the idea of him starting school with some trepidation, his two weeks at summer camp have convinced me that he really is ready for this big leap.  When I left him this morning, he didn't even look up from where he was building a log house with one of the counsellors-in-training.  And when I picked him up thre hours later, he was so excited that he was practically vibrating, rushing to show me the art he had made, and chattering on for a good 10 minutes about all of the activities he'd done and people he'd met. 

Gosh.  My Boy-o is getting all growed up.   


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  1. I'm crying. I know the gulp. I have the gulp for my girl starting school and growing up. In between the hair pulling and swearing, we really do love them and can't believe they've become awesome little people!