Monday, February 4, 2013

Things I think of at night (g-rated version)

1. Did I say that?!  Why did I say that? Who says that?! (Apparently you do.)  2. Did I write that?! Why did I write that?  Who writes that?! (Apparently you do.) 3. Will my kids survive me? How big will the therapy bill be?  (Also known as: Did I do that?! Why did I do that? Who does that?! Apparently you do.) 4. Oh!  I need to do that tomorrow. I should get up and put that on the to-do list, but I'm too tired to move.  5. Where is my to-do list, anyways? And how many things have I forgotten to do on it? 6. Wow. This bed has a lot of room. Look at me all stretched out. 7. Wow. This bed had a lot of room a few seconds ago. 8. Should I get up and do some homework? 9. Should I get up and write a blog? 10.  .......... * 11. Being single is amazing. 12.  Really, really amazing. And fun. And interesting. 13. Oh my god, I'm going to be single forever. 14. I really love those purple suede boots. 15. ......... * 16.  I should really go dancing. I miss dancing. 17. I wonder if everyone else is as neurotic as me? 18. Shit! I forgot to buy milk. 19. What did Habermaas mean by that exactly? 20. Back to the purple suede boots.  What dress should I wear them with? 21. I don't have anywhere to go.  (You-Totally-Ridiculous-Femme).  22. ........... * 23. Where are all the brown/queer/women folk in textual editing and criticism?  24. Why aren't I sleeping.  The kids are going to be up in 4 hours! 25. ..........*

*g-rated version ;)

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