Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is it time YET?

So - my mom's coming to town. We have to be at the airport in just over an hour, at 8 a.m.  The small fry have been counting down sleeps, and since last night have been *beside themselves*.  Nannie, you see, is a rock star around these parts (Grammie, too, but she couldn't come this trip.  Silly job).  Anyhow - the kids knew that when we woke up, we'd be heading to the airport, them still pajamaed, to get Nannie.  Well. That description of events clearly wasn't the way to go.

1 a.m.  Boy- pads into my bedroom.  Pad pad pad. Then poke poke poke. With some urgency, he hisses "Mama!. . . MAMA!"

Blearily.... "whaaaat?"

"Is it TIME yet?"

"No - Boy-o, it's the middle of the night.  Go BACK to bed."  Boy-o takes this to mean "climb into MY bed", and in he gets.  We drift back off.

2:30 a.m.  From Girlio's room. "WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"  I stumble in to see whats up, stepping on toys and knocking over a glass of water on my way.  Internal dialogue sounds like "$%*#&^%*" External dialogue goes more like: "What's up, baby?"


Sigh.  Back-rubs.  "Nannie will be here in a couple of hours, buddy, but we need some sleep first."

"Ok, Mama."  She settles back in and I stumble back from whence I came.

2:35 a.m.  Pad pad pad. Poke poke poke. Girlio appears at my eyeballs.  This is always a little creepy when one has just drifted off.  "Mama?"  "I come in too?"  And in she gets.  (Mama sandwich).

Boy-o, stirring: "What?!  What's going on??  Is it TIME now?!?"


And so on and so forth, until at 5 a.m.  Boy-o suggests he just read a book quietly.  After a night of on again, off again sleeping - this seems like not such a bad idea.  Girlio and I drift back off into sweet, sweet sleep.

About 5 seconds later, the light turns on.  Boy-o sits down in my bed, where I am sleeping, and begins to read aloud.  *SIGH* (nasty, nasty, growly, nasty McNasty internal dialogue.)

Sometimes, when you are clearly not winning the battle, the thing to do is raise the white flag.  And up we all get.

So - to the airport we go.  We've made up a song and we've been singing it over and over again in giddy (tired) glee.

Nannie's coming, Nannie's here!
She's at the airport, give a big cheer!
Nannie's coming, Nannie's here!
We got up early, so we could see 'er!


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