Sunday, May 30, 2010

Glee Clip

Okay - so I don't usually use this blog for anything other than my own musings.  But I am posting this clip from Glee from the Perez Hilton site (because FOX has erased all clips of this awesome scene from youtube).  I'm posting it because it is so bloody beautiful and touching.  I am posting it because every queer kid should be so lucky to have a parent like this.   I know it's probably preachin' to the choir - but I'm posting it because more, more, more, more people need to see things like this on their television screens.


  1. wholly crap! That was so amazing and touching and beautiful. Was it aired that way and then clips were erased because of dissent?

  2. hey Home Grown - no, it was aired like that.
    FOX just considers all clips of their shows to be copyright infringement and pinches them off as soon as they go up. I'm not sure why they let Perez Hilton keep it up? (Maybe they don't want to get flamed?!)

  3. I will never tire of that clip. Never. Thanks for reminding me of it.