Monday, March 19, 2012

bedtime shenanigans

So - it's late.  Like, late late.  Boy-o is fast asleep.  But his little sister, Ms. Girlio is being a total resister and man oh man, is she ever holding out.  There's nose picking (hers) and attempts to pick mine.  There's singing and crush-your-head hugs.  Requests for more songs, more water, more this and that.  Pissing around.  So I finally run out of patience and tell her she's gonna have to figure out how to get to sleep on her own and leave the room (cursing under my breathe).

And then the little oh-so-cutie-patootie bellows (the kid has an unusually deep voice for a two year old girl, so I DO mean bellows!) out at me:

"MAMA!  You have to get under the covers and take off your glasses and lie down with me.  That's your JOB!!!"

JAYZUZ - the kid's only 2.

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