Saturday, June 2, 2012

a reconfiguration of self trash-talkin'

1.  I am clumsy.  But it's because I'm too busy being fabulous to notice things like the table being a little further away than the glass.  I may be a bull in a china shop, but china shops are horribly boring anyways.
2.  I blurt things out.  It can be charming.  And highly entertaining.
3.  I'm awkward.  Physically and socially.  It makes me all sweet and approachable.
4.  I'm not going ever to be the girl everyone falls all over.  But I got some moves.  And excellent fashion sense.
5.  I feel helpless a lot of the time.  I know when it comes down to it, I'm really super scrappy.  Like, hella tough.
6.  There are loads of things I don't love about my body.  It's mine.  It's super strong.  Sensuous.  And I love to dress it up.  I love to take it dancing.  I have a killer smile.  Half-decent eyes.  And I grew babies from scratch in this thing.
7.  I am far too trusting.  I have this capacity to be open-hearted and loving that I am really pretty proud of.
8.  I give too much of myself away.  I am fantastic at nurturing and caring.
9.  I'm not exciting.  Maybe not, but I am amazingly genuine, dependable and pretty effing smart.
10.  I'm scared all of the freaking time.  But I do it anyways.  So I guess that makes me brave.

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