Thursday, June 14, 2012

for Girlio

For Girlio, who turns three tomorrow...

We should have known, dear one, from the moment that you hurtled into the world like a little baby storm, how very fiery and fierce you would be.  Your passion for the world around you (whether you're liking it or not ;) is always in evidence.  We also should have known, after labouring all through the night, that you would be a night owl, through and through ;).

Your first expression, and your mommy and I both concur on this, was one of mild chagrin and disbelief-- as if you were concerned, at the ripe old age of a few minutes, of the validity of our parenting credentials.  I cannot believe that three whole years have passed since that amazing day when you came into our lives.  I cannot believe the tall, certain-of-herself, clever wee creature you have become.

Your expressiveness is really something to behold.  Your face holds a thousand or more expressions, and each one is so telling and so demonstrative.  I can never really pinpoint a'favourite' photo of you - they're all so full of character, and so very, very full of you-ness.

I continue to be astounded, each day, at how articulate you are.  The other day, I said something to you - I can't remember what exactly- and you looked at me quizzically and responded: "Well, that's very curious, isn't it?"  Curious, indeed sweet child.  I still remember your first sentence, at the rips old age of 19 months, when you looked at the cat, pointed and reprimanded imperiously: "KITTY!  Off table NOW!"  And you continue to wow me with your utterances and phrases.  You miss nothing.  I see how you watch the world around you intently - and how you take it all in with those big blue eyes of yours.  I look so forward to the many conversations we will have about the ways in which you see the world!

You don't give your love away immediately, like your more easily wooed big brother.  But man oh man, how you make people reallllly want to work for it.  Sweetie - I am hard-pressed to think of a sound more delicious than your laugh.  And your cuddles - oh! - they are amazing and soul-balmy.  We've nicknamed you "koala-baby" for the way you completely wrap yourself around us with your arms and legs.  It's like being utterly enveloped in the marvellous, squeeze-y love!

Your love of movement, dancing, music is so beautiful to watch!  Pretty much every song that comes on the radio is met with "That's MY song!", followed by some hip-shakin' dance moves (in the living room, in your car seat, in the grocery store).

Everything about you is a full bodied experience.  Full bodied happy, full bodied mad, full bodied everything.  It all happens with some serious gusto.   But your intensity fits in well around here.  And even though we all butt heads sometimes - we love pretty fiercely, too.

I love your brave, sweet heart.  Though, like your mama, you are shy to start with - there is a determination about you that transcends shy, especially when sticking up for your 'peeps,' (as you like to inform people, 'peeps' is what we say for 'our people.')  My own brave, sweet heart almost cracked open when your big brother was speaking about some kids being mean to him on the playground.  And without missing a beat, you looked up at him seriously, adoringly and oh-so-fiercely and snarled: "I will beat them with my sword!"  Nobody will ever mess with your peeps and get away with it!  Not on your watch.  I get a little thrill every time you show off 'your muscles' and talk about how strong you are.  And you are strong!  I imagine you will excel at sports someday - given your love of running and tumbling (and you know, hitting things with sticks!).

As two draws to a close for you, you are wildly comical, dramatic, silly, coy, shy, brave, active, and so full of enthusiasm for life.  (And I would be remiss if I didn't point out here that you are the best ever shoe shopping partner ;)).  t can't wait to see what the next year brings for you and for us.

Happy birthday, my fierce and gorgeous daughter.  You are such a gift and I simply cannot imagine a world making sense without you in it.

Love always,

Your Mama

p.s.  Ok, sweetie.  So just one thing -  you've got this princess phase going on.  I can deal with it (since I'm a bit of a princess myself).  I'm just hoping you'll remember (and if not, I'll keep reminding you) that princesses always, always, always rescue themselves!

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  1. Your birthday letters to your children are always so beautiful. I sit in envy of how you articulate your love for them and how you are able to capture their uniqueness at every age!