Wednesday, December 29, 2010

post-Christmas shell shock

We have entered the shell-shock phase of the holiday season.  You know - the time when the magic of Christmas is fading, and boring old daily realities (as well as the coming down from the frenzy of activity) sets in for everyone.  Our home looks like a (too generous) toy-wielding tornado has ripped through it.  There are bits of tape, ribbon and wrapping paper under every imaginable surface, mingling with the dustbunnies and furballs I haven't had time or energy to tame since the holidays began.  There are so many toys (new and old) strewn around that the kids don't know where to start playing, and besides which, they're still all wonky, cranky and moody from the spree of visiting, running around, eating, staying up late, being totally out of routine, and missing naps - such is the stuff of holiday fun. 

And it is fun - don't get me wrong.  We had a lovely time visiting with out of town family, experiencing the kids' Christmas exuberance, sledding, eating, playing, eating, drinking, eating, and more visiting.  It's been grand (and I mean this in an uncharacteristically non-sarcastic way).   But now I'm a bit on the weary side.  Okay, I'm pretty tired.  Maybe even bone tired.  Yesterday, I somehow managed to seriously throw out my back just picking up Girlio to put her in her highchair, rendering myself totally, well, buggered up.  Someone suggested to me this was proof that my level of exhaustion had hit the muscular level.  I think there might be something to that.  (Though it should probably also be noted that it's also likely proof that I'm dreadfully clumsy).   And I've got these smalls who are also tired, needing routine, but wanting the hoopla and non-routine-y-ness of Christmas to keep keepin' on.   It's not necessarily a winning combination.

Anyways - Christmas was magical.  Marvellous.  Magically marvellous.  And now, I am thrilled to pieces that it is over and I won't have to experience it's magical marvel until this time next year (when I'm sure once again get all  excited and nostalgic over the holiday splendor).  

But for now, I'm all Christmas-ed out.  So bring on boredom.  Bring on routine.  Bring on the order of regular naptimes and bedtimes.  Throw in some pajama mornings (and pajama afternoons!).  Right about now - that feels like all the magical marvellousness I can handle.

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