Friday, January 29, 2010


Outta the mouth of my babe - I love this age!

Running up from downstairs, naked except for underwear and a toy tool belt -"But Mama, I can't SEE with my pants on!"
Dancing through the kitchen - "Mama, don't I feel beautiful today?!"
Oliver: "I would like some of that mama" (pointing to my diet coke). Me: "You don't want this buddy, it's full of caffeine, it'll make you short." Oliver: "I'm short already mama!" Yeesh. I gave the kid a sip.
As if we needed further proof that advertising works, while watching the World Juniors, a Pepsi Max ad came on. The ad showed men doing various silly things like getting electrocuted and falling out of trees and such. And then the punch line was something to the effect of guys will do just about anything except drink diet drinks. Until Pepsi Max. And Oliver, who I thought wasn't paying attention, starts jumping around the room, yelling "I love Pepsi Max! I love Pepsi Max! Pepsi Max is a guy's milk" .  A guy's milk, indeed.
So Lucy is having a bit of a crying jag over dinner, and while Laura and I are trying to calm her, Oliver is also trying very insistently to tell us something.   "Mama! Mama! LUCY DOESN'T LIKE HER PANTS! She's crying because she DOESN'T LIKE HER PANTS!!" Laura and I, after taking a pause for laughing, thought "what the hell?" and took off her pants. She stopped crying immediately. Apparently they were not good pants.
Laura tells Oliver, as he is finishing dinner that it is almost time for his which he answers ever so forlornly, and punctuated by a rather large sigh, "yes, bath and then bed. This is my life."
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and HAIRDOS!"
So - we were having a conversation about jobs with Oliver....
And Ollie very proudly says...
"Mommy's a prosecutor!"
When asked what Mama did... Ollie thought for quite awhile, and then he says....
"Mama's the judge!"

What a kid :-)

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