Monday, December 21, 2009

my life of leisure....

I get a little testy when, after hearing that I am a stay-at-homer, people ask me "what do you do all day?"  And/or "Don't you get bored?"  Or, "Jeez, I sure wish I could stay home all day."   Or  "What do you do with all that down time?" 

Recently, I also encountered, after describing the birthday cake I made for my son (a rocking cool hot air balloon cake if I do say so myself), "hey that must be nice..." (in a voice dripping with insinuation that "it must be nice to have so much extra time on your hands"

Seriously?  Seriously?  No... seriously???  I'm not gonna list what I do all day because quite frankly, I don't have the time.  I do get bored, but it sure isn't because I have nothing to do.  And I made the damn cake after my 'dayjobs' were sleeping, while your ass was chillin' for the night, watching CSI Miami, or some other crappy show (I spent my 'down time' making the cake because it was important to me, just like you make time outta your busy day for things that are important to you).

Now if you'll excuse me, I hear some bon-bons calling my name.  I have to get back to my life of leisure.


  1. Point these people out and I will smack them for you. It would be my pleasure.

  2. Oh just admit it, we sit around & drink coffee all day long ;-)
    Damn right its nice to "have time" to make a hot air balloon cake, because the child deserves one & deserves to having his Mama make it just for him :)
    What else did we have kids for anyway.

  3. @ Danes - Hey - you're blowing my cover here ;-)

    To all -
    I should probably clarify that I wasn't trying to say moms/parents who don't make decorated cakes are less parents. I just meant that we all make time in our lives for the things that are most important and enjoyable for us. For me, the 'fancy' cake is enjoyable and important to me.

  4. yeah okay- that should read "lesser" not less.

  5. when i was 17, i moved in with my sister, who was 27 and had just had her first child, my nephew. my sister's husband was a gold miner, who worked 2 weeks out, and then was home for 2 weeks at a time. so my sis needed help. anyway, my sister's husband (now ex, by the way) and one of his friends (who's wife was a friend of my sis' and had also just had a child) decided that my sis and her friend should be on an "allowance", as they were stay at home moms. they didn't ask my sister and her friend what they thought they needed per month, they just picked a number on their own. they thought that these new moms spent $500 ON THEMSELVES per month! this was not baby food, not baby clothes, not baby toys...only what they thought my sister and her friend spent on going out for coffee and lunch (as if they had they energy/time)! needless to say, once my sister and her friend had saved over a thousand dollars in only 2 months, they changed their minds.
    in the end, my sister should've saved more money, and for longer...