Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my boy

turned 3 yesterday.  It is almost inconceivable to me that this much time has elapsed since his birth, which rocked me to the core and changed my world irrevocably, wonderfully, totally.   Because of him, I became a different person entirely.  My life trajectory changed.  He made me a mama.

He is growing, physically and emotionally, in leaps and bounds.  His body, once baby-ish and perfectly fat, is getting so tall and lanky.  Any traces of baby have been erased from his once pudgy face, and replaced with little boy.  His expressions are as varied as his mood - bored, sullen, stubborn, joyous, contemplative, angry, thrilled, scared, loving, gentle, wound up.  What a little person he has become, with boundless energy and excitement about the world around him.

Today at 3, he is determined that he will grow up to be a pilot - all games and imaginative play revolves around planes and airports.  I wonder how this will change by the time he is 4, or if it will.

Though many days coming through the "terrible twos" have been challenging, today I am determined to take the time to marvel at the love, compassion and endless energy Oliver has, as we welcome in whatever the "threes" will bring.

As Oliver got ready for his birthday celebration on Sunday, he got dressed in his "big skater boy clothes," an outfit sent by my brother and sister-in-law.  He took my breathe away, and my eyes welled up.  All of the sudden, my little dude seemed so so tall.  So so grown up.  He noticed my eyes welling up and looked over at his mommy with concern.  L. said "it's okay buddy, Mama's just happy.  Those are happy tears."  "Oh yes Mama," he said to me knowingly, "because I'm all grown up."  What a kid.

Happy birthday sweet boy. 



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  1. He is so intuitive - I have shivers.
    Wonderful description of the tormented joy of becoming one's Mom!