Monday, September 21, 2009

a repost from facebook.... mom day from hell

A small excerpt from a momming day from hell...

Wake-up. RAIN. Big rain. Lots of rain. What to do with the exuberant todder? Decide to try and go to indoor playground, though it is far away. Endure two giant toddler meltdowns while trying to pack up car snacks and supplies for baby. Try to get out the door, juggling umbrella, baby, diaper bag and Oliver's hand, so he does not go ripping out into the downpour. Pack up Oliver in car and hit my head on cupboard door in garage. Swear. Put Lucy in carseat - wailing commences. Crank up children's tunes and drive off. Wailing continues. Realize I forgot the sling at home. Turn around. Wailing continues. Leave kids in the car (bad, bad mama) and race across lawn to house. Lose one shoe halfway up the lawn. Turn back, pick up shoe, drop keys. Finally get sling, and return to children. Lucy - wailing. Oliver, impatient. "Did you forget the sling mama? Mama - did you forget the sling?" Bite tongue and drive off again. Soaked. Head onto highway. Try to sing Lucy lullabies to calm her. Nothing doing. Give up and return to insipid children's music in an attempt to drown out the wails. Nothing doing. Listen to Oliver's constant questions. "What's that mama? Mama, what's that? (and it gets louder the longer you don't answer) What's that?!" Internal voice says "that's a motherfucking truck, Oliver!" External voice says "What do you think it is Oliver?" Wailing continues. Get to the indoor playground, 15 minutes later, after narrowly avoiding several crappy truck-driving Edmontonians. Lucy stops crying as we park. Oliver says "Can we go home?" Mix up internal and external voices. Crap.


  1. Sounds like a day in the life of a Mom to me! Yep!


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  3. haha "motherfucking truck " I'd probably tought the same thing.