Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So why start a blog??

A little over a year ago, my partner L, son Oliver and I moved across the country from Halifax to Edmonton for L's work. Shortly after arriving here, we became pregnant with our second child, Lucy, who is now three months old.

Being a stay-at homer, my work is pretty portable, but also pretty invisible. That's probably the most pressing reason behind creating this blog. Whether anyone reads it or not, creating my own record of my day to day existence as a stay at home parent is a way for me to feel less invisible.

I also wanted to create a space where I could record and share the joys and frustrations of parenting in general, and lefty, pinko, feminist, queer parenting in specific. Though we have met and know some lovely people here in Edmonton, the political state of this province, and the attitudes of many of the people we run across in our day to day lives can present real challenges and stresses for us that your average straight parents don't have to deal with. And having a place to blow off steam now and again is mighty inviting.

And also, my tendency toward sarcasm and pithiness is lost on my children - so to blogging I will go!


  1. looking forward to reading your reflections, having just moved to the same redneckiest province!

  2. Can't wait to follow along... thanks for sharing this!! Claire

  3. I lived in Edmonton too, as you said there's a lot of nice people here.. but not always easy for queers..
    Good luck in Edm. !