Monday, April 30, 2012

Today, in parenting-land: a hope

A Hope for Today...

I will not lose it.
I will not yell.
I will do better.
I will be more patient, more gentle, more understanding.
I will try squash my grrrrr instincts.
I will avoid power struggles.
I will not let my buttons get pushed.
If they do get pushed, I will not blow my stack.
I will negotiate.
I will listen to the unspoken words between the whines.  (ha!)
I will practice better empathy.
I will research special needs.
I will learn how to deal better.

And when all of this fails, as it likely will at some point during the day,
I will not succumb to 'bad-parent-itis and cry myself to sleep


  1. my everyday...miss you tasha

  2. Miss you too, Sarah!!!! WIsh we could commiserate more and share battlescars (and you, know, the good stuff too ;)