Tuesday, October 4, 2011

harm reduction parenting

Today was rough.  Rough, rough.  Things in general are weird and stressful.  And then the kids were getting on my nerves.  When I say this, what I mean is, dancing and jumping on my nerves like the cast of Stomp!  And I had work to do.  And there was whining and crying and fighting and hanging off of my clothes.  In short, it wasn't pretty. 

So, I had one of those moments where I did the thing that I don't actually believe is the right thing to do, but know full well is the thing I need to do.  I grabbed some leftover gift certificates and trekked the little buggers out to Toysrus for some present fun and future landfill filler.  In short - I bribed my way into some temporary peace.

Bad mama.  Bad, bad mama.

But I got some work done.  So bad or not, I raise my glass to harm-reduction parenting.


  1. Honey - as if we all haven't done that on occasion! You gotta do what you gotta do... and in their eyes, you are a superhero :)

  2. Sometimes in our life as a parent those things are extremely inevitable to happen. You are just doing what normal parenting be.