Saturday, July 17, 2010

20 random bits of me-ness, just because

1.  I hate the telephone and avoid it like the plague.  I know this doesn't really win me friends.  I just can't bring myself to pick up the phone and call.  Hate the phone.  Hate.  Most people do not understand this.

2.  I still harbour affection for Bon Jovi.  It's true.  I do.

3.  My favourite thing to do with the kids is "kitchen dance party" which is exactly what it sounds like.  Boy-o can really bust a move (without a lick of rhythm, but still).

4.  I speak fluent sarcasm, and I don't understand people who do not. 

5.  I'm not an optimist.  Surprise! 

6.  I totally crave being alone, which is strange, because being alone was one of my least favourite things pre-kids (and one of my worst fears in this life).

7.  I have a horrible time falling asleep at night because that's when I apparently think I should solve all the world's problems.

8.  I really miss Winnipeg. 

9.  I really miss Halifax.

10.  I am slowly starting to grow a bit fonder of Edmonton (but I still can't stand the redneckiness).

11.   I make really yummy cakes.  Mmmmmm buttercream. 

12.  My wife tells me I am very funny.  If so, it is mostly accidental.

13.  I have a difficult time with black and whiteness.  It's grey.  Almost always.

14.  I used to love roadtrips, pre-kids.  Now I loathe and dread them.

15.  I really love weddings (because underneath all of this pessimism and sarcasm, I'm actually a bit of a romantic.  How's that for confounding?).  I would totally be a wedding planner if I wasn't absolutely certain that people would constantly piss me off with their complete and utter lack of imagination.

16.  I wish I could take beautiful pictures.  I have a few friends who should really be professional photographers, and I am so jealous because it's one of my favourite art mediums.

17.  I'd like to be a rock star when I grow up.  (Okay, maybe a singer-songwriter ;-)

18.  I'm a total scaredycat, yet somehow seem to have spawned fearless children.

19.   I have anxiety, um, issues and am generally convinced that 1) the other shoe is gonna drop anytime now, and 2) everyone probably hates me. 

20.  I'm totally still waffling on baby #3...because, as I'm sure everyone already knows, I am a total nutjob.


  1. I completely understand point #1. #2, not so much ;)

    On #19, I'm the very, very same. So I'll say this: I like ya! I also like your wife and your kids. You're all wonderful.

    I can't even comprehend #20.

    And you're not a nutjob.

  2. Edmonton is the least rednecky place in Alberta. Trust me. My husband is from a farm just outside of a town called Eckville, where it was still being taught less than 20 years ago that the Holocaust never happened.

    And yes to so many, many others. Except change #17 to famous actress.

  3. jstrem - I think it's kinda funny that the town is called Eckville. You know, like RednEckville. :) Very not funny that they were teaching that kinda BS though. Holy crap. What a world we live in...

    Imcombobulated - you ain't so bad yourself :)

  4. I totally get and also feel 1, 2, 4, and 6.

    As for 8, missing Winnipeg, nope, sorry, cannot identify with that one at all...

    #19 is my life. Period.

    Good list!

  5. Winnipeg misses you too! Okay, your friends in Winnipeg miss you.

    And I am so all over numero uno - my year living without a phone was utter bliss! (I also had no TV, hot water or computer but that's another story.)

  6. #2 - cannot understand what everyone sees in this guy??

    #7 - same here!

    #8 - always. everyday. i miss HOME. anywhere else is and will never be considered as such.

    #16 - me too!

    #19 - this is TOTALLY me! and i do not hate you!

    #20 - i am on the fence here as well. i just cannot fathom that S is my last. i am having a real hard time with this. and we are not nutjobs...we just love children and family. :0)

  7. I'm loving your blog, and #2 is what prompted me to comment, because I do too. So much, in fact, that when he was here last weekend I left partner and baby at home to drive around the stadium and listen to what I could.

  8. LOL! Sounds like a great way to hear JBJ and get a break :) Why didn't I think of that?!