Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last day celebrations

It was boy-O's last day of grade one, and the parents were invited to see a video his wonderful and creative teacher made of the kiddos year. I was crying before the second song came on. It was so amazing to get to see images of my child learning an laughing and building friendships.  Among my favourite images was the classes snowshoeing adventure, which seemed to mostly result in an enormous dogpile of children and snowshoes.  Oh oh oh! The cuteness!
I even made the video on the day I went to his classes field trip. Not such a shit mom, maybe? Well - at least it felt like it for a wee brief moment, when the image of me and my grinning boy at the field trip  appeared onscreen, and he grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. Mama swoon.

But the tears really started flowing when part of the video showed each of the students baby photo followed by their beginning and end of the year photos.  At the end of each photo sequence was an 'I statement', like I am a learner, I am respectful, I am playful, etc. and my heart very nearly exploded into pieces when Boy-O's statement came up. 

'I am open-minded.'

Ohhhhhhhhh.  And ohhhh.  Does this mama's heart so so so proud.

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  1. Love his answer...that's awesome!

  2. Swoon indeed!!' Proud mama moments are the best!