Friday, August 27, 2010

Some recent Boy-o-isms

Boy-o: "Mama, are you afraid of heights?"
Me: "Yes, buddy I am."
Boy-o: "Well, I'm perfectly not afraid of heights!"
-long pause-
Boy-o: "Mama?"
Me: "Yes?"
Boy-o: "When we go skydiving, I'll hold your hand."


In case you thought your kiddos don't take in what's on the radio, it's become apparent that Boy-o has been listening to a few too many books on cd!  He was storytelling this afternoon, as he is apt to do lately, and he began by announcing in a very loud announcer-type voice: 

"This story presented to you by  Audible: Audio that speaks to you, wherever you are." 

And then he went on to tell a long and winding story about a small boy named Lady Gaga who lost his blue scarf in Australia, "which, if you didn't know, is an island." 


Talking about his Gramma and Papa going to Victoria:  "I'm happy about Gramma because she's going somewhere far and I'm happy about far places!"


I walk into Boy-o's room after putting Girlio down for her nap. He is sitting on his bed, under his open umbrella and wearing a plastic lei.

"Oh hi Mama," he says to me. "I was just hula dancing in the rain."


"Is Joan Jett going to come on the wadio? She's a weal wocker!"


"These are my bad business cards. For when I do bad business with people. Because I'm a rock star! And you can be my driver."


Bathtub conversation:
Boy-o : "What's this part called?" pointing at general groin area.
Me: "That's you're groin area buddy"
Boy-o: "Growing?  Growing?!"  BIG GIGGLES.
Me: "No, not growing kiddo, groin."
Boy-o: "I know Mama, but look! My penis is GROWING. I'm watering it."

Boy-o, while pretending to be at folk fest, singing and doing quite the jig in the livingroom: " I"m singing a song about purple and pink and magenta and violet and green, chartreuse and aquamarinnnnnnnnne. Yippee Kayaaai!"

Dropping Boy-o off at summer camp one morning, I mentioned that I was really proud of him for going to camp all by himself, and meeting new kids, and trying all kinds of new things. 

To which he replied: "Yes mama.  I'm really getting quite very grown up."  


  1. Oh my gosh he cracks me up. What an absolute darling of a child, I love it! My boy was never that interesting, and certainly never hula danced in the rain. What a lovely life your boy-o has :)

  2. Aw, thanks Suzy. He is a dreamboat (you know, most of the time ;)